Medical School Interview Tips

Medical School Interview Do’s & Don’ts


Hey Pre-Meds! I got a simple article for you today! These are some of the Do’s and Don’ts for a successful interview day!




  • Always smile and be on your best behavior. (Make sure to be nice and on your best behavior throughout the whole day. You are being judged every moment you are on campus)
  • Be nice to everyone. (This includes receptionists, other candidates, and anyone else you run into. Your interaction with them could either benefit or hurt how the admission committee sees you.)
  • Be professionally dressed.
  • Arrive to the interview at least half an hour early. (Try to scope out the interview location the day before so you are prepared.)
  • Ask meaningful questions during your interview.
  • Understand current events in medicine and health care policy.
  • Memorize what you wrote for your secondary and primary applications.
  • Research the school thoroughly.
  • Practice answers to common medical school interview questions ahead of time.
  • Be confident when you speak.
  • Be attentive and interactive with others.
  • Pay attention to your interviewer’s body language.



  • Be late to your interviews!
  • Check your cell phones during the interview day
  • Ask how well you did in the interview or if you got accepted.
  • Be biased in answers you give about ethical or political questions.
  • Ignore body language cues from your interviewer.
  • Talk too little or too much to the interviewer.


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