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All of our videos can be found here, and are organized by categories for your convenience. We try to provide the best quality videos we can to assist you in this journey. Please enjoy!

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General Pre-Med advice: Learn how to be the best student you can. General advice for pre-med students.



Medical School application advice & tips: How to improve your medical school application. Research. Volunteering. Shadowing. Extra curricular activities.



Study tips: MCAT tips. Final exam tips. Test taking tips.




Follow my Pre-med journey: Join me as I go through life as a pre-medical student. I share insight into what you can expect as a pre-medical student.




Biology, General Chemistry, Organic chemistry, Physics videos: Check out all the videos I do on these subjects! These videos are meant to help you understand some of the hardest concepts in these classes as well as do problems. If you need help on your pre-req classes, check these videos out!



Other/Random: You have to check to find out!