Volunteer opportunities for pre-meds:

As a pre-med student, volunteering is an excellent and often necessary addition to your medical application. Medical schools want to see that you are involved in helping your community, and as such want to see lots of volunteer experience in applicants. Your volunteer opportunities will be unique to what area you live in, so we have compiled some helpful ways to find those opportunities. We have also gone ahead and compiled a list for you of some organizations that will be helpful in your search for volunteering opportunities.


Best methods for finding volunteer opportunities:

- Your university (Honor societies, clubs, and check to see if your university has a volunteer program)

- Nearby hospitals (Simply walk inside and ask about volunteer opportunities. Its that simple! And can lead to potential shadowing opportunities too.)

- Your local church (Often your local church will be involved in volunteering and have opportunities available to you)

- Do a google search for volunteering opportunities nearby (This is an easy way to find the perfect volunteer opportunity you want. Use keywords that focus on the type of volunteer work you want to do)

If you still can't find volunteer opportunities using the above methods, then check out some of these links below. Just remember the best volunteer opportunities will most likely be found through your university and the methods mentioned before.


Volunteer opportunities:


Volunteering Forever

Volunteer Match


The American Red Cross

African Impact

Global Vision International

Vida Volunteer