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Free resources:

The free MCAT preparation resources are a helpful way of preparing for the MCAT without shelling out too much extra money. These help to supplement your studying but it should still be necessary to buy practice exams for optimal studying. 

MCAT preparation by AMCAS

Tons of great resources provided by AMCAS

MCAT preparation by Khan Academy

Great way to study for the MCAT. Practice passages, videos, and more. Free.

Princeton Review's Free MCAT Practice Exam

This is a great way to get a free practice exam for the MCAT. Princeton Review has some excellent practice exams that mimic the difficulty of the real MCAT. 

Psychology and Sociology Terms for MCAT

Here is a list of the Psychology and Sociology terms you will need to know for the MCAT.

Khan Academy MCAT Notes

Subjects include: Psychology and Sociology (And in Q&A format), Biomolecules, Chemistry, Physics, Cells, Organ systems. These notes are very full of information! Credit goes to Premeddit.com. 

MCAT flash cards (Requires Flashcard Hero App)

There are over 1000 MCAT flashcards in here! Organized into the following categories: MCAT math, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biology/Biochemistry, Physics, CARS, Psychology/Sociology, and General MCAT Tips. I personally used these MCAT flashcards when studying for the MCAT and this was in part how I improved my MCAT score by 8 points in one month. (You will need to have the Flashcard Hero App to use. Check out my review here).

MCAT Review

This website has a very thorough review of all MCAT material. General Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Organic Chemistry, and Psychology. Check it out!

College online lectures and courses
This has many online lectures for chemistry and physics as well as other topics!

Freelance-Teacher Videos

Freelance teacher has some of the best and most helpful videos on a wide variety of subjects. These include: Physics, Organic chemistry, General Chemistry, Calculus, and some on Biology and Biochemistry. These videos are long, but they will really help you understand a concept you are finding difficult.

Test Prep Nerds MCAT resource list

This is a great comprehensive list of free resources that will help prepare you for the MCAT. I recommend checking it out if you want to study for the MCAT without spending too much money.


Paid Resources:

The paid MCAT preparation resources are often a very helpful way to improve your score on the MCAT. Most paid resources do a great job of simulating the actual MCAT exam, making them an invaluable asset when preparing to take the MCAT. 

Jack Westin MCAT CARS course

This website focuses on specifically improving your CARS section for the MCAT. They have many great testimonials for their service. If you need help with your CARS section then check this site out! There is also a free trial available. 

MCAT Tutoring

If you are looking for MCAT tutoring check out, Tutor the People. They have some great testimonials for their service. If you are interested in paying to get some personal attention for the MCAT, check them out. 

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