Pre-Med Community offers articles, videos, and content to help pre-medical students achieve their dream of becoming a doctor.  We realize how hard and complicated it is to get into medical school and it is nice to have some advice and a helping hand along the way. That is why Pre-Med Community was made, to offer a helping hand that will help bring clarity to exactly what you need to do to get  into medical school.

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Some of the things you can find on our site:

- Articles: We have articles on an array of topics meant to help you get into medical school. Everything from understanding what it takes to make a good application to teaching you fundamental ways to become a better student. If you want to know how to ace that Organic Chemistry test, we got tips for that too!

- Resources for Pre Meds: We also try and compile as many helpful resources as we can. We want to aid in making it easier for you to find what you need to as a pre med. These include things such as: Research opportunities, volunteer opportunities, medical school rankings, FAQ by pre-meds, MCAT resources, videos, and more. 

- Free downloadable content: For our members (registering is free!) we offer free-downloadable files. These files include: The Pre-Med Beginner's Guide, Medical School average GPA and MCAT excel sheet, and Psychology and Sociology Terms for the MCAT, common interview questions, and more! So you don't want to miss out! This will be updated as we add more content.

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