The best flashcard app for pre-med students

The Best Flashcard App for Pre-Med Students



There are many great apps out there for pre-meds. In this article I am going to go over one of the best apps for flash cards and why you should use it. I would consider this app one that every pre-med student should have. Flashcards are one of the best ways to memorize information as they provide a great way to remember a lot of material in a short period of time. For some classes, making flashcards is a necessity. If you haven’t taken a class where you had to make flashcards, you probably will soon. If you have taken a class where had to make flashcards, you know the struggle that comes with making them.

When I was studying for organic chemistry II, I literally made over 100 flashcards by hand and had a stack of cards that was half a foot tall. Not only did it take a long time to make the flashcards by hand, but also storing them was a problem. It was inconvenient to try and use them and review them because of the sheer quantity of cards I had. Thats when having an app that does it for you is very beneficial.



So what flash card app do you recommend?


Flashcard Hero








(Mobile version)

(Desktop version)

I tried several flashcard apps and the one that I found to be the most useful to me was “Flashcard Hero“. There are several apps out there that only do a very rudimentary job. Flashcard Hero has all of the functionality that you want in a flashcard app. With Flashcard Hero you can..


    • Quickly and easily make new flashcards
    • Sync your cards between your computer and phone (Requires both desktop and mobile version)
    • Organize your flashcards into sets
    • Add photos to your flashcards
    • Use advanced text formatting options
    • Make multiple choice questions or fill in the blank questions
    • Search through your flashcards for specific words
    • Study your flashcards based on difficulty, how long since you last studied, and the Leitner system
    • Use your phone as a remote controller to study flashcards on your computer
    • Audio output of text if desired
    • Detailed study session summaries
    • Export decks as PDF files, share online, and print decks
    • Import decks you already have (.tsv, .csv, from


I found that Flashcard Hero has all the functionality you will ever need for any class you are going to take. I personally used Flashcard Hero for studying for the MCAT with great success. I made a deck of over 1000 flashcards that I organized into several sets such as: MCAT math, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biology/Biochemistry, Physics, Sociology/Psychology, CARS, and General MCAT tips. With this I was able to study these flashcards on my computer and on my phone. This allowed me to flexibility to study on the go or while at home conveniently. You can download the exact MCAT deck I personally used on the members download page for free.

Being able to make flashcards on your computer is incredibly convenient thanks to being able to copy and paste text and add pictures. This makes it way easier to bulk create flashcards for your classes. And as mentioned before you won’t have to worry about storing your flashcards on you. Combine this with the mobile app and you will be able to view your flashcards anywhere you go. I can honestly say that I owe the 130 I made on the Psychology and Sociology section of the MCAT to the flashcards I made with this app. It also helped me tremendously in memorizing equations and reactions. Part of how I was able to raise my MCAT score by 8 points in one month was because of this app. Let me show you inside the app so you can see for yourself what it can do.


Screenshots I took from the app: (Desktop version)


Screenshot #1:












Here are the different sets that I organized my flashcards into for my MCAT deck. 



Screenshot #2:













Here we can see how you can add photos to your flashcards and on the left we can see if the flashcard is marked as easy (Green) or as difficult (Red). Also on the right we can see the advanced text formatting options available.



Screenshot #3:














Here we can see just how easy it is to add a card or topic.



Screenshot #4:













Here we can see the search functionality that allows you to find any word or phrase from your flashcards.




Screenshot #5:









Here we can see how you can study your flashcards based on difficulty.




Screenshot #6:











Here we can see how you can study using the Leitner System.



Screenshot #7:















Here we can see how it looks to study the flashcards. Notice you can also study based on fill in the blank (type) and multiple choice. 


You can download the exact MCAT flashcard set that I used to study for the MCAT on the member downloads page.




Screenshots I took from the app: (Mobile version)




















Here is how the sets are organized in a deck.


Screenshot #2:

















Here is how the flashcards look inside a set.



Screenshot #3:

















Here is how a flashcard looks in the app. Notice the picture added and my text underneath it.



Screenshot #4:

















Here we can see how a flashcard looks in study mode. You can click on one of the buttons on the bottom to organize the card based on difficulty. To see the answer you just have to tap the screen or swipe to the right. 






The app costs $7.99 for the desktop version. There is also a lite version if you want to test it out. Click here to download.

The mobile app alone is $3.99. Click here to download.

Total price: $11.98



The app costs $4.99. Click here to download.




Rating: 9/10

Flashcard Hero has all the functionality you will ever need for an affordable price. Its ability to sync flashcards to your phone makes studying much easier. It’s highly customizable and easy to make flashcards are a great time saver. And the ability to study cards based on difficulty gives it a functionality that is not possible with traditional flashcards. For the cost of one meal, you can have an app that lasts you throughout your pre-med career. I only wish that I found the app sooner.


Flashcard Hero (Desktop app)










Flashcard Hero (Mobile only app)










Good day pre-med students! I'm Wil, the founder of this website and part of the class of 2022 at the Medical College of Georgia. I remember the difficulty of getting into medical school and want to help as many pre-medical students as I can! Feel free to follow my Instagram and ask me questions! Instagram: @medstudentwil

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