45 common medical school interview questions

List of common medical school interview questions


Hey Pre-Meds! Here is a list of some common medical school interview questions! This list will be updated from time to time with more questions, so make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter to hear when that happens. I also included these questions in a word document that you can type your answers into. Download now! Best of luck with your interviews!


Download word document version




Tell me about yourself?

Why did you choose your major? What do you like about your major?

Why do you want to pursue a career in medicine?

Describe a challenge that you have overcome. How does that experience relate to what kind of physician you would be?

What inspired you to become a doctor?

Why become a doctor instead of becoming a nurse, PA, or other medical practitioner?

Why our medical school?

What do you like most about our medical school?

What will you do if you aren’t accepted to medical school?

What other career would you consider if not medicine?

What do you believe makes you unique from other applicants?

What are your two biggest strengths? How will these help you be a good doctor?

What are your two biggest weaknesses? How will overcome them?

What will you contribute to the learning environment of your class?

Why are you a good fit for our medical school?

What do you think will be your greatest challenge in completing medical school or learning how to be a doctor? How will you address it?

What do you believe is the most pressing problem in medicine today?

How do you plan on paying for medical school?

If you were accepted to multiple schools, how would you make your decision?

What makes you most excited about being a doctor?

What are your hobbies?

Why would you be a good doctor?

What do you feel are the most important qualities in being a good doctor?

How would you handle working with a difficult colleague?

What exposure have you had to the medical profession? How has this impacted your decision to pursue a career in medicine?

What are your most memorable clinical experiences?

What lessons did you learn from your volunteer work?

What is your most memorable volunteer experience? Why?

What do you think you will like most about practicing medicine?

What do you think you will like least about practicing medicine?

What are three things you want to change about yourself? How will you go about making those changes?

What is your favorite subject? Why?

What aspect of medical school do you think you will find most challenging? How will you address that?

How would you describe the relationship between science and medicine?

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Why do you think you will be successful in coping with the pressure of medical school?

Who has most influenced your life so far and why?

Some people say that doctors make too much money. What do you think?

What do you think about [insert topic on ethical issues in health care]?

What do you think about [insert current policy issue in the US healthcare system]?

How does your research experience relate to a field in medicine?

What type of physician do you want to be? Why?

What was the hardest class you took in undergraduate? Why?

What were the main lessons you learned from undergraduate that will help you handle the rigor of medical school?

As an applicant what do you think your greatest strengths and weaknesses are?


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