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Hey pre-meds! In this article I got a quick tip or rather a reminder that could help ensure you make better grades. I don’t see many pre-meds taking advantage of one of the best resources available to them. The one right under their nose. Yes, I’m talking about their teachers!

Your teacher’s job is to teach you what you need to know to do well on their tests and learn the material. This is what you are paying for so you should make them work! They can be your number one resource for passing their class. Because not only are they the ones who are making your tests and grading your papers, but they are extremely knowledgeable in whatever they teach. This means that they can probably answer any question you have and make sure you understand it. Not only that but most teachers love the students who are very eager to learn and ask many questions, so it could lead to a potential letter of recommendation too if you are consistent enough! Also seeing that you want to succeed and are so motivated will also help make them more invested in your success too.

Okay so what are the best ways you can start utilizing your teacher more to get better grades?


  • Visit them during office hours
  • Asking them questions after class
  • Sending them emails


Visiting them during office hours: This is a great way to get some one on one time with your teacher. Think of it almost like having a free tutoring session with the person who will be making your tests! Thats pretty awesome! When you come to their office, make sure you have made a list of the questions and problems which are giving you the most trouble. Come with a specific set of questions and or problems to get help with. Your professor wants to help you and it will make it much easier if you come prepared. It can be anything from asking questions about the upcoming test and what will be on it to asking for help on a specific problem you don’t know how to solve.


Asking them questions after class: This is something you should be doing after every lecture if possible. You can’t spend too long asking questions because usually another class is coming in or the professor has some other obligation. But this is a great opportunity to ask one or two simple questions you had from lecture. Use this opportunity to help clarify anything that you found confusing during the class. This is important because it will save you time later from trying to figure it out on your own. Don’t leave lecture without trying to get some clarification on something that confused you. Remember, don’t be afraid to use your teachers to your fullest!


Sending them emails: This method is not as good as seeing them during office hours or asking them a question or two after class but it still can provide you a good opportunity to get some of your questions or problems answered. Obviously talking to your teacher in person will be more productive but it still can be very beneficial to get clarification through email. This can be useful for when you don’t have time to see them during office hours or ask them questions after class or especially if you have some pressing question that must be answered. I have sent my teachers plenty of emails and gotten very helpful responses.



Don’t be afraid to go see your teacher and ask them questions. This is what their job is and what you are paying for. Most teachers will be delighted that you are so interested in what they teach and it will actually help build a relationship with them. Your teachers can be your number one resource. They are the ones making and grading your exams so who better to ask questions to? If you are consistent and motivated to learn they may even be willing to write a letter of recommendation for you. So go see your teacher during their office hours, ask them questions after class, or go send them an email! I hope this helped or was a friendly reminder!


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