Use study pages to help you ace your exams!

How to use study pages to help you ace your exams


So you have got a big test coming up and there is a lot being covered, you are feeling uneasy and anxiety is kicking in. With so much to focus on you don’t know what to do. Well don’t worry I got a tip that could help! And don’t worry I will be posting an example to go with it. Get ready to add another studying tool to your pre med tool belt!

So this is a technique that you can use for any test. I have found that it works best for science and math type classes or when there are a lot of key concepts that must be known. This technique is best for boiling down what really matters. Anyway on to the tip now!

What you do is to make a single page that summarizes everything you absolutely must know. This could include all relevant equations, terms, concepts, strategies for problems, etc. I will be going over tips on how to make this really useful and convenient.
You can and should use both the front and back of the page when making it. The reason for only using one page is that it forces you to focus on only what matters. Its a great way for you to figure out whats most important and deserves higher priority. This also makes for a great study aid for your final, helping you quickly review material from previous tests. So here’s some tips on how to make it good.


Tips on how to make it:

– Dedicate different parts of the page for different things. (One section for important formulas, another for key terms, another for concepts, etc.)
– Don’t just list a bunch of terms. Have variety in what you include.
– Don’t waste the page on things you already know. (Focus on things that you have a hard time remembering or are really important.)

Okay with that in mind lets take a look at an example!


Here’s an example:

For a Physics II test on circuits and magnetism. (Excuse the bad handwriting! Insert joke about having doctor handwriting )


pre med gpa mcat

Notice how the page is separated into different sections. Try and organize your study pages like this.
pre med gpa mcat


So notice how my study page has a lot of variety in it. I tried my best to ensure that I covered all of the most important things on the exam but also what I had a hard time remembering. Making these study pages also has the added benefit of showing you what you need to work on and helping you understand those things. And remember the best way to study for something is to digest it in as many different ways as possible (Hearing it, seeing it, writing it down, watching a video on it, etc.). The more ways you interact with the material helps you remember it better! So I hope you make use of study pages when you study for your next exam!

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