Three unique ways to make your med-school application stand out

Three unique ways to make your med-school application stand out

As pre-medical students we face tough competition for getting into the medical school we want. We are pitted against many other strong applicants, often ones who will have a better GPA or MCAT score than us. This is why it is so important to find ways that make your medical school application stand out. There are two things to focus on when crafting the perfect application: Activities that are unique, which can grab the attention of those who are reviewing your application. And activities that show your character, which demonstrate your commitment to helping others. Adding these things could make the difference between you or someone else getting accepted into medical school.


Here are the three ways to make your medical school application stand out:


  1. Go on a study abroad
  2. Do tutoring
  3. Lead a club at your university



Go on a study abroad:

Going on a study abroad trip looks great on a medical school application. A study abroad trip shows a lot to those who review your application: It shows that you are open to new experiences, you aren’t afraid to leave your comfort zone, and you are exposed to different lifestyles and cultures. This is something which will not only make your application stand out to those who review it but it will also give you some fun stories to talk about in your interview.


Do Tutoring:

Tutoring is another excellent way to make boost your medical school application. Tutoring is excellent for many reasons, but one of them is that it looks great on a your med-school application. Tutoring demonstrates your willingness to help your fellow students, that you take your studies seriously, and that you are good at interacting one-on-one with another person. These are all essential characteristics a physician must possess, so it makes the admission board happy when they see it.


Lead a club at your university:

A huge thing that medical schools want to see in prospective students is that they are leaders. Being able to create a club or be in a leadership role in a club makes you stand out from other applicants. This shows you are someone who is not only a leader but also responsible, which are crucial for being a physician.

As pre-med students we must find ways to make us stand out from the other applicants. This is especially true when your metrics (GPA and MCAT) are not above average or even below average. However, that does not mean we should slack in that department. What it does mean is that there are many ways to improve your chances of getting into medical school. Many pre-med students only focus on the GPA and MCAT, and that gives an advantage to those who take the time to add more to their application.


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