The most time efficient way to prepare for the MCAT

The most time-efficient way to prepare for the MCAT

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For many pre-meds, it is hard to get enough time to truly study for the MCAT. Most pre-meds find themselves volunteering, working, and with a full class load in any given semester. So how does the busy pre-med make the most out of their limited time to study for the MCAT? What studying method will give you the “best bang for your buck”? In this article, we will go over how to prepare for the MCAT in a time efficient way.


Alright, so you are crunched for time and don’t have the luxury to read through all of the MCAT test prep books you bought or go through countless hours of youtube videos. Where do you start and where do you focus your attention? The main key for preparing for the MCAT in a timely manner is to focus on your WEAKNESSES. This means you need to take a practice MCAT exam as soon as possible and see what your weak areas are. Once you know what areas you need the most improvement in, learn and practice whatever topics you missed during your practice exam. Then take another practice exam again to see if you improved in those areas or there are other weak points you weren’t aware of before. Try and get as many rounds of practice test and post-practice test studying in as possible.


Here is the simple method to follow:

  1. Take a practice exam to learn what your weaknesses are.

  2. Make a list of all of the topics that gave you trouble (ex. Redox reactions, optics, amino acids, etc.)

  3. Review and practice all of those topics until you feel confident.

  4. Take another practice exam.

  5. Repeat


This method allows you to really hone in on what you need to work on. Allowing you to prioritize your weakest areas to get the biggest return on investment. After you take your practice exam, go through all of the questions you missed and analyze them. Ask yourself why you missed them and what could you do differently to get it right next time. After analyzing all of your questions, go ahead and make a detailed list of everything you need to review or practice. The more in-depth and detailed the list the better. After you have your detailed list of topics and types of questions you missed, go and review them using whatever resources you would like. Make sure you are confident that you wouldn’t miss those same questions again before taking another practice exam. The time where you are really improving your grade the most should be during your post-practice exam review. The key to getting the most out of your MCAT study time is to really find out what your weaknesses are. Knowing what areas you are weak in will allow you to spend your time on what matters most. Then it is a matter of rinse and repeat. Try this method I have listed here and let me know how it goes for you in the comments below!



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