Something most Pre-Meds don’t do but should be doing!

Something most Pre-Meds don’t do but should be doing!


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Almost every university has one and it is there for your benefit. I am talking about your school’s AMSA or pre-med club. Most major universities and colleges have a club for pre-medical students. This club is intended to help keep you on the right track for getting into medical school and can be one of your greatest resources as an undergraduate pre-medical student. This is also an easy piece of advice to implement into your pre-medical strategy. Lets jump right into some of the benefits of joining your school’s pre-med club.


Benefits of joining a pre-med club:


1. Get valuable pre-med advice:
At your pre-med club you will be surrounded by other pre-meds, often ones that are closer to applying than you, who will be able to help answer any pre-med related questions you have. If you want pre-med advice, there is no better place to go than to your university’s pre-med club.


2. Meet like-minded people who will help keep you on track and motivate you to try harder:

This might be one of the most important reasons to join the pre-med club. Meeting like-minded people will greatly improve your own success. Simply by being around other people who share a common goal will motivate you to get more involved in pre-med related endeavors. We are the average of the five people we hang out with the most. So by spending more time with hard-working and high achieving pre-med students, you will in turn become a hard-working and high achieving pre-med over time. Spending time with other driven pre-meds will keep you on track.


3. Discover opportunities you wouldn’t have otherwise:

Your pre-med club will most likely have the connections to be able to get you opportunities that you need for your medical school application. This includes things such as volunteering, shadowing, and research. If you need help finding extracurricular activities, there is a good chance you will find them through your pre-med club.


4. Can lead to leadership roles and letters of recommendation:

Another great opportunity that can be provided by your local pre-med club is that it can lead to leadership roles and letters of recommendation. If you spend enough time with your pre-med club, there is the real possibility of landing yourself a leadership role in the club. This is something that will look nice your medial school application. Also many pre-med clubs have a science faculty member/teacher involved, so this can also lead to getting a nice recommendation letter!


So how do you find your university’s pre-med club? There are a few ways:


– Ask your pre-med advisor

– Do a quick google search

– Browse through the list of clubs and organizations on your university’s website


Once you find your school’s pre-med club, go to it as soon as possible! From the networking to all the opportunities it provides, being a part of your pre-med club can make a huge impact on the success you find as a pre-medical student. I hope this article helped to inspire you to find and join your school’s pre-med club if it has one. Search right now for it and schedule a time you will go there!


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