Scientifically proven study tips every premed must know!

Every premed knows making good grades is essential to getting into medical school, so it’s important to know the most efficient ways to utilize your study time! This video by ASAP science gives great insight into some scientifically backed study tips!



– Break study sessions into multiple shorter sessions: We learn better when we are repeatedly shown information over a period of time rather than in one sitting. This is a principle known as spaced repetition. If you want an example on how to utilize this in your own studying check out this article.


– Create a schedule for studying: Having a schedule helps us get into the habit of studying. This will help us be more consistent in our studying as well as be more prepared for it.


– Use flashcards for memory: Flashcards are an incredible tool to use to help you remember lots of information! As a premed you should try and use flashcards for everything from biology terms to organic chemistry reactions! Keep those flashcards for later, they will come in handy when studying for the MCAT.


– Create a specific study goal to focus on: This a great way to make sure you utilize your study time well. A common pitfall alot of students have is not being specific enough on what they want to study. Study things one very specific topic at a time, make sure you understand it and then move on. Try and decide before hand what you want to focus on in studying today. Do that rather than try to study all of chapter 10, 11, and 12.



– Teaching helps you to learn: Study with the intention of teaching the material to someone else. Our brain is better able to organize what we learn when we teach someone else. So always try to teach your friends and family about what you are learning. This is a great way to stay motivated to study but also to really get down the concepts.



– Practice! : This is one of the biggest tips out there. Practice is everything. Practice is the only way you can guarantee to yourself that you understand how to do it and you will be ready on test day. You must practice a problem until you can do it in your sleep. Practice, practice, practice. Do practice problems and tests until you are confident in your ability to get them right. This is a way to guarantee your success.



– Have a great spot for studying: This goes back to creating a schedule for studying. Its about getting yourself accustomed to studying. You want to have a place your are familiar and comfortable with to study. This way when you see the spot , your brain knows that it is study time. It is also helpful to have everything you need at your study spot!



– Don’t listen to music: Music is shown to not help you during studying. Even though you love music, turn it of and give your full attention to your studying.



– Remove distractions: Same thing as with music, your phone is also a big distraction. You will ruin the flow of your studying if you keep getting text messages or notifications. You are better off just turning it off or putting it somewhere it won’t distract you.


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