MCAT score converter – Convert scores between old MCAT and MCAT 2015

MCAT score converter – Convert scores between old MCAT and MCAT 2015


We know that the MCAT 2015 scoring scale can be confusing for many pre-med students. So we put together a few tables for you to help with converting between the new score and old score! The first picture is for the conversion of the total score for the old MCAT to MCAT 2015. The second picture is for the conversion for a single section from the old MCAT to the MCAT 2015. Please make sure to share this page and help your fellow pre-med!


MCAT score conversion for total score and percentile:




MCAT score conversion for a single section:




We hope this helps! If you want to know what score to aim for on the MCAT 2015, check out our article here!

Also if you want to know the average MCAT score of every medical school in the United States, check out our medical school database to see how you stack up.

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