I was accepted as a “Who’s who” member for 2015!


Hey guys! Wil here!

Just wanted to share that I was accepted as a member of “Who’s who in American Universities and College’s list for 2015”. This is a pretty competitive list to get into so I’m very happy to be accepted! This is proof that with hard work, consistency, and dedication anything is possible!



Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 2.58.31 PM

(My first name is James. But I go by Wil. If you are curious why, its because my middle name is Wilson. 🙂 )






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Until next time!





Hey Pre-meds! My name is Wil. I am the founder of this website and a student at the Medical College of Georgia. It is my mission to help as many pre-medical students achieve their dreams of getting into medical school!

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