How to have more motivation to study

How to have more motivation to study


Studying is often the most dreaded part of any pre med’s life. Whether you hate it or love it, studying is the MOST important part of making good grades. Without spending enough time studying you are practically guaranteeing yourself to not make the grade you want. We all know that studying is important, but why is it that 64% of students now today study less than 15 hours a week? The biggest problem is motivation.

If you don’t have motivation then you will not study as much and the time that you do spend studying will be far less efficient. I have several articles on tips to help you improve your studying, but that really won’t help you unless you first are motivated to actually study. If you don’t spend enough time studying, no shortcuts will save you. So if we are able to find the motivation to study, that could literally revolutionize our grades on exams and ultimately your gpa.


Here are a few methods to help you get more study time in:


– Make a study group

– Pick a specific time of day to study

Learn to love what you are learning

– Use your desire to make an A to motivate you



Make a study group: This is often an incredible motivator to study that is really underrated. Quite simply, if you are studying with other people it is a lot more fun! Also studying with your classmates and friends is one of the BEST ways to make sure you understand the material. Often in study groups, each person has an area they are good at and bad at. So people in the group can cover each other’s weaknesses while at the same time helping each other out in the areas they are strong in. Just make a few friends in class and ask them if they all want to meet up and study. Its that simple!
Pick a specific time of day to study: People are creatures of habit. So it goes without saying that an extremely powerful tool to help you study more is to simply get in the habit of studying at a specific time of day. Studies show that people spend more time studying between 10am-12pm. What time of day you pick is up to you, but the key is to pick a time of day that you know you will be in the mood to study and commit to it! It is optimal to have atleast two study sessions per day, each that are about 30-45 minutes long. (Check out the article on spaced repetition, to find out why).


Learn to love what you are learning: If you love what you are learning, then you don’t need ANY other tips! You will already have all the motivation you need to study and more! Put quite simply, this is the single most important factor in my opinion when it comes to finding time to study. If you love what you are learning and are fascinated by it, I am 90% sure you will make an A in that class. Period. It is that powerful. Check out this article which teaches you exactly how I learned to love all of my hardest classes and how I started getting A’s because of it!
Use your desire to make an A to motivate you: Now this might sound like an obvious one, but this is honestly one of the EASIEST methods to motivate your self to to study. If you are really serious about becoming a doctor, then I am sure making A’s to you is one of the most important things to you in your life. In that case, channel that energy into studying! Tell yourself that the more time I put into my studying the better grade I will get! I am going to study super hard, because I want that A! Even while you are studying, keep reminding yourself of this. “Once I get the concept down, I am going to do even better on that exam!”. What I am saying here is, try to channel all of that energy you have about getting into medical school, improving your gpa, making good grades into your motivation to study. Because studying is the key to all of those things!



Getting those good grades is about being a good student. Here at premed community, we will teach you how to be that student which makes good grades and really gains alot from their studies. Remember, being a good student is a skill. A skill which must be practiced like any other to get good at it. Its not about being a genius, its about understanding the fundamentals of good studying and work ethic. Tell us in the comments below what are the ways YOU motivate yourself to study?



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