Here’s a much better way to take notes from powerpoints (alternate version)

Hey guys, heres a quick tip to help improve your note taking ability in classes that use powerpoint. As I mentioned in my article , the proper way to take notes , you absolutely shouldn’t be copying down words on the powerpoint if they post them online. This is a waste of your time and doesnt lead to better notes. Instead you should be focusing on what the professor is saying ABOUT those powerpoint slides. I showed a method of how to do that in the article , the best way to take notes in a powerpoint class , where you are able to print out three powerpoint slides on one page with a section for notes next to each slide. This method is for those of you who bring a laptop to class. If you like actually writing something down then I would suggest go reading the other article.


This one is super easy! Simply take the notes straight in powerpoint! Under each slide there is a section for notes. Like this:


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Simply add in bullet points in for each of the main things your professor says about the slide. Or you can add notes however you want, thats up to you!


The advantage to this method is that it is faster to type than write. However, the major disadvantage is that you won’t be able to draw. This means you won’t be able to draw structures, reactions, draw out math equations, pictures.  As with the other method that I showed in this article , you can draw on the slides. The only downside to that method is that it will cost you some printer paper (not too much) and it is slower to write than to type. So whether you use this method for taking notes on powerpoints or using the other method will be up to you to decide! Think about what kind of class you have and if it would be more beneficial to type what your intstructor says or being able to draw out structures, pictures, reactions, etc.


I hope this helps! Comment down below if you use this method of note taking and if it helped you! Also please share this page with your fellow pre-meds! Stay tuned for more articles!


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