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Three videos that will help you ace your medical school interview

The interview is the final hurdle between you and getting into medical school. You have worked so hard and long to get to this point. And the very fact that a medical school is interviewing you means that you have a good chance of getting in. The last thing you want to do is fumble right before you get in. So here are a three videos which should help you on your way to acing that interview!

2010 Workshop- Richard Wallace (How To Succeed In Your Medical School Interview)

Very solid video with lots of good advice. Long video but worth the watch.



Medical School Mock Interview- Model Answers

This video does a good job of analyzing a mock interview. Take some notes on this!



What Med School Interviewers Will Ask YOU?


This video will help give you a general idea of what a medical school interview is all about.



Hope these videos are helpful! Remember, the interview is the last step of getting into medical school. I know you must be excited since you are so close to reaching your goal, but make sure to practice doing dozens of mock interviews and analyzing your strong and weak points.

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