Pre-Med Community Resources


Pre-Med Community provides additional resources aside from articles that are meant to help you get into medical school. As pre-meds we need to be as prepared as possible, and we want to help you with that!



Resources for pre-meds include a bunch of useful tools and resources that will be helpful for any pre-med. Such as: Medical school database, research opportunities, volunteer opportunities, and FAQ by pre-meds. Check it out!



MCAT Resources for pre-meds provides a convenient page for everything MCAT related. Learn about AAMC testing dates, registration dates, MCAT calendars, get MCAT preparation and study advice, and more.



Polls are a great way to see how you compare to your fellow pre-med on a variety of questions relating to medical school and pre-med life (Whats your GPA?, What kind of doctor do you want to be?, How confident are you about getting accepted?, & much more). Make sure to check it out to see what answers are most popular and how you stand against your fellow pre-med student on these topics.