I'm looking for the FAQ that pre-meds ask about getting into medical school. Where can I find that?

In our resources for pre-meds we have a page called , "FAQ from pre-meds".


Is joining the site free?



How do I sign up?

Go to this page and register then check your email for a confirmation link.


I can't find the confirmation email. Where is it?

Make sure to check your spam/junk folder. If its not there, click on forgot my password. If that doesn't work, contact us. We will fix it. 


I am having trouble registering or logging in. Please help.

I am very sorry about the difficulty you are facing. View this easy guide on how to log in and get your free member downloads.

If that doesn't work please contact us and we will be more than happy to help. 


How do I get the free member downloads?

You have to be a member of the site. Join here for free.

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Where do I customize my profile and avatar?
To customize your profile and avatar you must go to "Member's Area" (which can be found in the navigation bar). On that page you have the ability to edit your profile details and avatar.



How do I get the free downloads?
You first have to be registered on the site. Then you go to Member downloads , scroll down the page and download all of the files you are interested in.